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  1. 2. Get Your Nutrients
  2. Keeping fit with a busy schedule
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If that is truly your reality, there are ways you can incorporate exercise into your day without having to go to the gym. Think about it… are you really too busy to boost your overall health , lift your mood, prevent disease and increase your energy?

2. Get Your Nutrients

The benefits of exercise are endless. Getting in just a few minutes of exercise in the morning will fire up your metabolism and give you energy for the day ahead. Doing a few workouts during your workday , will help improve your memory and boost your brain power, ultimately resulting in you getting more done. While, exercising at night , will help promote relaxation and ease the stresses of the day. Instead of sending a text or email, make a phone call. Get up and walk around the block, or pace around your office while talking on the phone.

Skip the elevator, walk up the stairs. Taking the stairs is one of the best exercises you can do. It will help you build muscle mass while also burning extra calories. Not to mention, taking the stairs is a huge time saver. By the time the elevator door opens, you will already be reaching your floor. Instead of wasting it at the gym roaming around looking for a machine, then walking from one machine to the next, just take a fitness class. Show up on time, workout and leave right when the class is over. Most classes are usually only around 45 minutes long. Yes, you can make your household chores into a workout session.

Just sweep faster, scrub your dishes harder and even add in some jumping jacks in between. In some cases, the reason why you have no time is because you are not making any time.

Wake up 30 minutes earlier and go for a quick run. This will give your metabolism a boost and have you feeling great for the day ahead. Getting off one stop before yours will give you some extra walking time. If you have an erratic schedule it's tougher to tie your activity to the schedules of other people or other facilities , so, say going to the gym maybe works great if you're within the gym hours when the gym is open.

What happens if your time for exercise falls at one in the morning? Maybe you don't have time to go to the gym or maybe your gym is not 24 hours. What are your options? Again, in the show notes I'm going to give a couple resources that are really helpful, that will allow you to have lots of options no matter what time of day or where you are.

Keeping fit with a busy schedule

One of them is a resource of the 50 Best Home Workouts and they're all video based and they're all for free. You can find them online. Be sure to take a look at that. There is something for everyone in that resource whether you're looking for resistance training or cardio or yoga or palates, core work, whatever it is, there's something there and by the nature of the beauty of the internet you can do these workouts whenever you like. Another great point about most of the resources in there is they're generally quick, quick so a lot of the workouts you can do in 20 minutes or less.

You don't have to go to the gym to be fit. Fitness comes from movement, and you can move your body any time you want. Another great resource that is actually included in that 50 Best Workouts resource is Do Yoga With Me and I really pump up the value of yoga. Yeah, it's not going to burn as many calories as some other types of exercise, but it's one that has a huge de-stressing component to it and if you've listened to any of my other podcast you'll know that we talk about losing weight.

There is a prerequisite of de-stressing. Be sure to check out Do Yoga With Me. They have all kinds of free workouts and regardless of whether you're a beginner at yoga or you're an advanced yogi, there is something there for everyone. Finally, I'd like to plug my own workouts. I've created hundreds of workouts that you can do at home with absolutely no equipment.

Again, if you're on an erratic schedule, but you can pull even 30 or 40 minutes out of your day, you can do a full length workout right from your living room. Again, it's re-framing that idea of what exercise looks like. It' doesn't mean going to the gym.

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It doesn't have to mean playing a sport or going for a run. It can be something you can do at home on your schedule. Using a personal example, I used to be horrible at stretching or doing yoga myself. I love doing resistance training. I love doing cardio, but when it came to the other I just never made time for it.

I've re-framed or retrained to program that right into my day.


Everyday I allow myself to watch one TV show, one Netflix show, or maybe some sports highlights and the rule that I set for myself is while I'm doing that I'm going to be stretching or doing some sort of yoga routine. All it's taken is me practicing some yoga routines. I know there's about ten different poses I'm going to do. I can do it within about thirty minutes and it's something that now happens on most days. Again, it took a re-framing of what yoga looks like as opposed to adding that as another type of exercise that I need to do, I now look forward to it.

It means that I get to watch TV and relax while I do something that is positive for my body. The last thing I'd like to suggest to anyone who has a bit of an erratic schedule is to create a week-long exercise checklist. This is somewhat different than creating an exercise schedule because just by the nature of having an erratic routine, having a schedule might not actually work that well for you, so having a checklist is looking at your week as a whole and deciding how much exercise am I going to accomplish in this week and then actually write out, so don't just do this in your head.

It's important we put on paper or put it on your computer, somewhere we're actually going to see this as a reminder. You're going to write out what are the events or the activities that I'm going to accomplish this week.

Best Staying Fit images in | Exercise, Stay fit, Study schedule

Once you have that list that becomes your goal. I'm going to complete this checklist in the next seven days.

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Now, it's up to you, even despite your erratic schedule, to find a little bit of time to start checking these items off your list each day. One day you might do one item, you might do two items. One day you might not have time to do any of the items. Even if you consider that wycwyc concept. I know some days it's just really tough to fit in any exercise and that's okay because the very next day you can come back to your checklist and maybe check one or two boxes off.

Again, looking for that goal of completing your entire checklist in one week. To go along with this concept of a weeklong checklist I want to tell a story about Jerry Seinfeld. This is a pretty famous story. He was back stage preparing for a show and had a young comic come up to him and the young comic said, "Jerry, I really respect you. I look up to you. Can you tell me what's the best piece of advice you can give a young up and comer like myself to be as successful as you?

Jerry, right away, had a really great piece of advice.

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He says, "Don't break the chain. We can use this for exercise. Do just a little bit every single day. The young comic kind of looked at him and thought, "Don't break the chain. What's that? Jerry went on to explain that he takes a monthly calendar and he calls that his chain and every single day his goal is to write at least a joke or part of a joke, do some writing that can contribute to a future stand-up comic routine that he is going to perform at some point.

Every day that he writes something he X's off one day on the calendar. Again, even if it's only five minutes of writing, it's an X on the calendar. Next day, he does a little bit of writing, he gets an X on the calendar. His goal is to make this chain of X's as long as possible. Think back to this idea of creating your weekly checklist. You can use that same powerful "Don't break the chain concept. I did one today; I get an X.