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The database of all projects gives an insight into the SDC's concrete activities. Swiss spending on development and cooperation — by international comparison and with assessment by various criteria. Transparency is an essential aspect of Switzerland's international development cooperation activities and is a fundamental value of the SDC. A list of priority countries and regions and focus areas PDF, Page 1, Development of production systems and rural services favours sustainable use of natural resources.

Preventing human trafficking and exploitation; helping refugees and displaced persons return home. Knowing dangers and risks, acting preventively, during and after events, immediately. Saving lives, meeting the victims' basic needs and starting a new future with rehabilitation.

Providing high quality education systems to guarantee universal access to basic knowledge and to relevant vocational education and training. Strengthening of health systems, communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and sexual and reproductive health. The SDC is committed to ensuring that public services are performed competently in the interests of all citizens.

Strengthening women's political participation

Promoting the economy and jobs through private sector and financial sector development and vocational training. Fragility, violence and conflicts are major challenges in the fight against poverty. The promotion of human rights and the promotion of sustainable, peaceful, just and inclusive societies contributes to address their root causes, to strengthen resilience and to leave no one behind. Commitment to equal opportunities for men and women in all development processes for a balanced society.

Ensuring availability of drinking water for human consumption, sanitation, food production. Reports on the activities, results and effectiveness of Swiss international cooperation.

Stolen Child

Determining and improving on an ongoing basis the various economic, social, cultural and policy effects of the programmes. Coherent foreign relations from an economic, ecological and social perspective raise the effectiveness of international cooperation. Using and incorporating the knowledge of federal agencies, cantons and communes; engaging in political dialogue with governments with a view to achieving reforms or better economic and social conditions.

Building partnerships with private businesses and launching effective, sustainable initiatives; a contribution to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Development banks, UN development organisations and global funds and networks are important pillars of development cooperation, contributing both knowledge and funding. Alongside the guidelines for the awarding of mandates and contributions, the FDFA provides information on planned and awarded mandates and criteria for contributions to NGO programmes.

Cooperation with Swiss NGOs that provide added value for the implementation of Switzerland's international cooperation and meet quality criteria. Research and innovation as key factors for sustainable economic, social and environmental development and solving global problems. Continuing education opportunities for FDFA staff and staff of Swiss development cooperation organisations. New releases, specialist publications and brochures: search the archive to download or order.

SDC documents and information for apprentices, pupils, students and teachers. Short films and images on the SDC's involvement in different sectors and regions of the world. The SDC newsletter is a bimonthly publication with information on Swiss development cooperation and humanitarian aid programmes.


SDC specialists come to you — an offer proposed to schools, associations and other institutions. Get in touch with the SDC at the head office in Switzerland or in our partner countries. Frequently asked questions about Swiss development cooperation.

Die Blah Blase erklärt euch, was Partizipation ist!

Information about funding, implementation of goals, and the organisation and effectiveness of the SDC's activities. Women around the world only have a limited influence on decision-making in politics, the economy, society, and even the household.

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The SDC is helping to ensure that women can fulfil their obligations as citizens on an equal footing as men and promotes their political participation. The SDC systematically integrates gender equality dimension in its governance projects. In democratisation processes, for example, it promotes women's political participation at the local and national levels. In Afghanistan, which is experiencing rapid urbanisation, the crime rate is increasing drastically. In a process supported by the SDC, priority is given to the active participation of women.

In Benin, the SDC empowers women seeking to be involved in political office or other decision-making bodies, such as local health and water committees. Integrating gender aspects is also a priority in local community development in the West Balkans.

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  • Strengthening women's political participation.
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Through its projects, the SDC promotes women's participation in budget planning and resource distribution, and takes into account the needs and interests of women, men, girls, and boys equally. Women are still less represented than men in decision-making bodies in government and business, where the important decisions are taken. They are confronted with obstacles, such as entrenched social prejudices, lack of time, and inadequate education, which prevent them from being involved in politics as to the same degree that men are. Decision-making bodies must be aware of the gender dimension, and women must be duly represented in them.

All events. November 11, Berlin Deutschland. Show details. Expert conference. Expert talk. Prof Lyal White will unpack how populism has shattered Brazil's society into polarised camps and investigates what lessons can be anticipated for South Africa. November 11, Zagreb Croatia. With over 85 people in attendance, the topic addressed, a comparative analysis of UK and German SME funding, generated considerable interest. January 20, Politik ohne Parteien?

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