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Career, family, responsibility makes us forget those who are dear to us. Friends become distant memories. In the social media age, people tend to keep track of friends through various social media sites, but rarely ever pick up the phone. Schedule time for yourself. We remember important conference calls, meetings, and deadlines. Next time you start filling out your daily calendar schedule blocks of time for yourself. Schedule time in the morning for some exercise. Schedule time in the evening to visit with friends.

Unplug from technology.

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People tend to grab their phone first thing when waking up. Then work begins. Make time for breakfast the most important meal of the day and save the email for the end of your morning ritual. Take a pre-made meal to eat for lunch. Lunch consists of dining out, which is not always healthy.

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Pre-pack your lunch the night before and nurture your body with nutritious food. Take your lunch away from your desk and relax. Get enough sleep. Pretty soon we find ourselves running on empty. Sleep is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the mind. A well-rested body and mind can accomplish great things. Make your weekend about you, not work.

Taking care of older people in our communities

Many people take their work home with them and never really get a day off. Take time on the weekend to do things you enjoy. Spend more time with your family, not with your home office. Take a mini vacation.

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Limit distractions by resisting the urge to check email. Participate in hobbies or activities that you enjoy.

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Join a local sports team or volunteer at your favorite organization. Remind yourself that you are fabulous. You are not your job and taking the time to remember things that define you as an individual outside your work will contribute significantly to peace of mind. Your body and mind are your most valuable assets. Why not take care of our aging parents? They can also grant more independence to senior citizens, letting them stay in their house rather than get shipped off to a retirement home or care facility.

Robots offer an answer to how we take care of so many older folks, a dilemma that the World Health Organization calls "a situation without precedent. That's a key point. It's important not to pretend that care robots are also designed to be "social" and sold as an alternative to human relationships, said Kathleen Richardson, senior research fellow in the Ethics of Robotics at De Montfort University.

Even if robots can't be sociable like you or me, ensuring they're able to react sensitively to humans is crucial if they're going to be in our homes. Key to this are good, old-fashioned manners -- something Kerstin Dautenhahn, professor of AI at the University of Hertfordshire, is attempting to teach the care robots she works with. Care robots can be programmed to prompt people to follow certain prescribed guidelines like drinking water, taking medicines or eating three meals a day.

But creating robots that behave in a "socially acceptable" way when they start prodding their owners is a delicate process. It's not just being polite. A bossy robot that talks down to people could make them feel like they're not in control of their own lives. For example, rather than pointing out to their owner that they must drink something, the robot might instead suggest that they go together to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. How the robot approaches physically is also very important in determining how people react to it, Dautenhahn said.

Her team discovered that when people sit on the sofa they don't like to be approached directly from the front, instead they prefer the robot to approach from the side, like a waiter would in a restaurant. Getting these small details right is key to making sure people aren't irritated. Remember Clippy, Microsoft's unfailingly cheery and much-maligned Windows assistant?

No one wants Clippy on wheels. In order to measure people's reactions to domestic robots, the University of Hertfordshire conducts user tests in a fully kitted out smart home. This means the researchers can look beyond the engineering and artificial intelligence challenges and identify the context-specific problems of actually having a machine in your home, Dautenhahn said. As smart homes filled with connected devices become increasingly popular, it's also necessary to think about how robots will communicate with other sensors and devices around the home.

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UK-based startup Consequential Robotics , a collaboration between the University of Sheffield and Sebastian Conran's design studio, is working on a concept called the "care-free home," at the center of which sits a cute ankle-high robot called MiRo. MiRo might look like a pet but it also boasts some serious skills thanks to cameras capable of facial recognition and to microphones and speakers that allow it to respond to voice commands.

It can steer itself and knows when to go for a recharge. The robot works in conjunction with a wristband that measures vital signs and contains a fall sensor, an "intellitable" -- a sort of self-driving countertop that can rise up and down -- and ceiling-mounted sensors that measure a range of environmental factors.

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  • Together these items form a system that constantly monitors the person. If the wristband and ceiling-based sensor detect a potential fall, MiRo can investigate and find out if the person has fallen and is unconscious. There's no question when observing MiRo -- which was designed to look like a cross between a rabbit, a dog and a cow, and even protests just like a real pet if you stroke it the wrong way -- that it has been crafted to delight.

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    But not all care robots are designed to do so. Having a relatable look and feel might be important when the robot is providing cognitive assistance and relies on two-way communication. But as the task become more about practical assistance, equipping a bot with eyes and mouth becomes less of a priority. Rich Walker from Shadow Robotics is one of a team of engineers working on a UK-government funded initiative called the Chiron Project , which is developing a set of modular robotic systems designed for home care.