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We use interdisciplinary research to critically examine the role of race in the acculturation process. In addition, we provide a new analytical framework to understand the larger structural forces that shape the acculturation and assimilation process of transnational and diasporic migrants.

His research examines how globalization, formation of postcolonial diasporas, and transnational migration have forced us to redefine the meaning of culture, identity, community, acculturation, difference and development in the field of theoretical and cultural psychology. In , American psychological Association awarded him the Sigmund Koch early career award.

By Anita Mannur

Her research examines gendered identity in the context of popular culture, migration, and globalization. She has presented numerous conference papers and her publications have appear in journals such as Women's Studies in Communication, Human Development, Mind, Cultural and Activity, Cultural and Psychology and in various edited books.

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Currently, she is engaged in a research project that examines how children in middle-class, urban India actively engage with an increasingly global television culture. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads.

Studying MA Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at Birkbeck

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Anita Mannur

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